1.Cardiovascular Disease
4.Stress & Fatigue
5.Weak Immune System
   & Inflammation
6.Excess Weight & Water
7.Digestion & Elimination
8.Unhealthy Looking Skin
   & Accelerated Aging
9.Lack of Mental Clarity
    Undesirable Food     Cravings

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Questions & Answers

“The 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program” provides all of the essential nutrients for proper balance of detoxification pathways, Phase I and Phase II, which allows your body to safely eliminate fat-soluble toxic substances that have been stored in fat tissue.  If you have years of hazardous waste stored in your body you can use these recipes over and over until you reach your health goal.  This is a wonderful way to erase wrinkles, decrease weight and increase your vitality while you enjoy delicious easily prepared food at every meal and snack time!   (feature this copy somehow it’s really sales oriented)

Question:  This sounds like a lot of nutrients.  Is it possible to get everything we need from our food or do I need to take supplements?

Answer:  The recipes in the “14 Day Gourmet Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program” were formulated to meet the nutritional requirements you need to support the body for proper elimination and balance between Phase I and Phase II so dangerous toxins can be safely escorted out of the body.  Building your digestive system so you assimilate the nutrients from your food is imperative.  These recipes are high in fiber and assist in elimination, which is also vital to the cleansing aspect.  

Water Fasting and other types of liquid cleanses, including food depravation can generate even more undesirable toxins, than the original fat-soluble toxin you were trying to cleanse, in the first place.  When you limit nutrition the liver does not have the nutrients needed to effectively and safely remove harmful poisons from the body.  Fat-soluble toxins are often dumped into the blood stream, which flows through the liver for cleansing.  If they are not properly converted into a water-soluble substance and eliminated they can transform into free-radicals which can damage healthy cells, tissues, organs and systems.  This accelerates the aging process and creates a diseased body full of unhealthy tissue.   (feature this copy somehow it’s really sales oriented)

Question:  What about juice and water fasting, colon cleansing and herbal cleanse diets?

Answer:  These cleansing programs do not provide all of the nutrients you need to effectively support the liver in proper detoxification.  If you do not supply your body with the essential nutrients then the toxins will not be eliminated properly and can cause more damage to your body than the original toxin.  When toxins are not eliminated properly they are often re-circulated, via the bloodstream, and then deposited back into the fat tissue for storage.  Fasting also initiates the “dumping” of toxins into the bloodstream, which can create undesirable side effects such as headaches, fatigue and nausea.  Ideally, you want the cleansing experience to move at a pace you are comfortable with. 

Question:  If I use the “14 Day Gourmet Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program” will I experience adverse side effects?

Answer:  Everyone is different and dietary changes can generate physical symptoms.  If you have been eating a lot of processed foods such as breads, factory raised animal products, pasteurized dairy products, fast foods, sugar desserts, soda, sugar-free or fat-free foods, synthetic and chemically grown or manufactured foods, drinking excessive amounts of coffee or alcohol I suggest you modify the 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program.  Begin by introducing the recipes slowly.  Start by introducing the “Green Detox Smoothie” as your breakfast and replace all above mentioned processed foods with healthier choices.  With the purchase of the “14 Day Gourmet Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program”, you will receive a free dietary plan that will help you ease into the cleansing process.  If your diet has not consisted of the above mentioned anti-foods then you can start using the “14 Day Gourmet Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program” right away.

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